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Who are we?
Origins of “Mikroster” s.c. Gniezno date back to the year 1983. The company emerged from a merger of two production workshops and the two persons who owned the workshops are the present owners of the company.From its very origin, the company has functioned as an innovative and R&D company dealing with construction of packing machines and final packing systems based on advanced control of renowned companies from all over the world. We are responsible for the whole construction of our machines: from the idea to its realisation. We use a modern 3D system for the design process.
What do we do?
Such a long period of the company’s functioning and our presence in numerous production plants of different profiles, both in Poland and abroad, have allowed us to gain vast knowledge in the following areas::

  • Automation of packing processes (in particular at line ends)..
  • Omnibus packing in own cartons of various products.
  • Constructing “Take & Put” machines and different manipulators customised to our Customers’ specific needs..
  • Upgrading machines, e.g. through fitting them with servomotors in order to raise their productivity and increase at the same time their operating accuracy.
  • Replacing old controlling devices with new ones with microprocessor controllers and software as aimed at ensuring further failure-free operation of machines with reduction of the costs related the purchase of new machines.
  • Robotics – application of Kawasaki robots for omnibus packing (own solutions for gantry robots).
  • Repairs of packaging machines (mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic systems).
  • Works transport systems – horizontal, arched, and rising conveyors, lifts, etc.
  • Vision systems applied in industry for detecting details and positioning operation of robots and manipulators.
  • Systems for photoaligning packaging material vertically and horizontally on packing machines in flowpacks, Hesser type sugar packing machines, ice-cream packing machines, e.g. Arietta, German machines making Triumph type paper bags, lollipop making machines, and many others.
  • Sales promotion appliances intended for increasing sales of a product and making it more attractive for customers.

The Company’s motto::

For many years, we have been gaining experience and knowledge and, in consequence, we know how much we still have to learn… Solving problems and helping others is what we are for. We are ready to face new challenges…