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Packing lots of jars into cartons.

In view of ecological considerations and environmental protection requirements, packing in foil is being replaced with packing into cartons. In consequence of the above, the company manufactures such machines that can pack e.g. jars into cartons. In order to comply with different forms of cartons or standards of cartons used by the customer, we have introduced a solution for putting jars with a product into e.g. a carton with an automatically folded bottom.
The concept is shown in the film below:


Machine description
The machine is intended for folding and gluing cartons. Carton patterns are put vertically on a feeding conveyor. Then suction nozzles collect the pattern and place it horizontally between drivers on a special bed. Next the carton is properly folded and glue is applied through glue nozzles so that the carton can be glued in a further part of the machine. The machine can be adjusted to several types of cartons.

Film on the carton packing machine operation:

Horizontal carton packing machine for packing various products into American type, flap hot-glued cartons


  • it is perfect for packing such products as dishwasher salt, pasta, breakfast flakes, rice, sweets, screws, nuts, tap bolts, bottles,
  • it precisely doses product with an electronic balance,
  • totally automated product packing process,
  • reliable performance and user-friendly operation of the device,
  • the machine can be expanded to increase its productivity,
  • the price depends on the customer’s special requirements.

Cartoning machine folder

Exemplary dimensions of the packaging:

Before folding.         After folding.
przed po

Essential information:

  The carton packing machine is an automatic device that doses a proper amount of product through a precise weigher, then pours the measured amount to an automatically folded carton packaging.

The machine collects carton dies and the product to be packed in the packaging.


  • output: 20 packagings per minute (depending on the product),
  • power supply: 400V,
  • packaging dimensions: height: 220mm, width: 60mm, length: 140mm,
  • the machine requires compressed air and glue,
  • machine dimensions: 3127mm x 2080mm x 2600m.

Short film on the carton packing machine operation:

Long film on the carton packing machine operation:

Technical specifications:




Placement of cubes

We present another model of a carton packing machine that packs specific products in layers into cartons. In the example presented in the film, the product is Domestos cubes placed in five layers of four cubes each. There are two specific appliances in the machine. A conveyor collecting FlowPack cubes from the machine. It is based on two servomotors. Each servomotor controls operation of a “train with wagons”. Both trains move on the same track. Their operation is coordinated by a PLC controller. When the machine starts working, the first train with its wagons collects products, piece after piece, delivered by the FlowPack. When the conveyor collects a number of pieces corresponding to the number of wagons, it dynamically moves with products to the collection point of the other specific device of the machine, i.e. that of a manipulator. While cartons are collected and loaded, the other servomotor controlling the train proceeds to collecting products from the FlowPack and thereby a continuous collection is ensured.

Such a machine configuration (only the wagon size is changed) can be used for packaging product placed in layers into a carton. The machine in the film is only an example of the solution that can be applied for many other products.


  The Rapid3001 automaton is intended for packing sachets into single-row cartons. The machine is provided for automation of the final phase of packing wherever the operations are carried out manually. On one hand, application of the Rapid3001 machine releases the personnel from arduous activities and, on the other hand, it raises the quality of packaging with a high production output maintained.


  • reduced personnel number,
  • increased productivity,
  • error-free calculation of packaging number ensured.

Good points:

  • a broad assortment of packagings,
  • packing sachets with irregular shapes,
  • high output (up to 200 pieces/min).

  Dimensions of packagings, both sachets and cartons, are agreed upon with the customer at order placement. We can adjust the automaton for operation with different orientation of sachets at the input. Declared parameters can be very easily changed by the operator in the course of daily maintenance.

Folder Rapid3001




The 3002 series is a machine constructed on the basis of our experience gained from the previous version. A number of improvements has been introduced as compared with its predecessor:

  •   system for product equalising before packing,
  •   minimised overall dimensions of the machine,
  •   an error in the packing operation does not stop the sachet producing machine and thereby it does not reduce the overall shift productivity,
  •   lower price,
  •   high reliability,
  •   a proven model still exploited in some large concerns,
  •   significantly raised machine productivity,
  •   high quality of product placement in a carton.

manual operation of Rapid 3002:

Device for putting a loop on a packaging.