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  • intended for equalising bags and sachets,
  • it ensures a uniform arrangement of product in a sachet,
  • compact design,
  • simple and easy operation,
  • reliable performance,
  • a special design available.



Essential information
“Egalizator” was named after the French word “egaliser” which means “equalise”. The machine has been designed for equalising sachets with a loose content so that the packaging content is uniformly placed inside and the sachet is flat. As a result, a greater number of unit packages can be contained in the same omnibus package. The machine is applied for packing seasoning, puddings, fruit gelatine desserts, jellies, etc. The design is based on a dozen or so rollers with beaters that rotate with a significant speed and shake out the content when the sachet is transported. The beater speed and that of the conveyor itself are adjustable. The sachet equaliser is made as an element of the packaging line in the production line.


  • linear velocity – 1,15 m/s as a standard, adjustable,
  • maximum bag width in the standard version – up to 140 mm,
  • power supply – 230VAC, 50Hz, 1kVA,
  • side/direction of the operator panel – right/left depending on the version,
  • raising of the upper plate in the standard version – manual.


At the preparation stage, the frame colour, product output side, width, height, operation speed can be customised.

“Egalizator” – the 5-path version

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