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Batchers are the feeding machines that feed product in set portions (batches) to a packaging machine. They are usually a part of accessory equipment of the machine. Much less frequently, they occur as autonomous machines feeding products in a semi-automatic process directly to packagings. Batchers are chosen in the first place from the point of view of product requirements, productivity and precision of portioning. As regards the design and operation, batchers can classified as follows:

  • volume batchers (disk or flap batchers),
  • screw batchers – for loose products,
  • weighers (vibration, belt, and combined weighers).

Screw batcher

A screw batcher for dosing loose products by means of a worm mounted on a servomotor. The batcher can be controlled with a feedback signal from a weight to maintain a proper weight of the unit product. Batchers are made of stainless steel.

Zdjęcie do dozowników objętościowychVolume batcher

Our batchersmade for a large food concern in Poland:

Crushed nut butcher: