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  Automation of production processes is more and more frequently based on stations equipped with industrial robots. The robots are usually used in palletization/depalletization, packing, welding, painting and machine operation processes. Application of robots allows to spare people monotonous, tiresome and dangerous work, considering especially the weight of the products handled. Robots are characterised by a very high repeatability of movements (0.15 – 0.50 mm), high speed and lifting capacity (as much as 500 kg), which allows to complete efficiently and effectively different jobs. Due to their high flexibility, robots hold advantage over dedicated devices (e.g. palletizers)..

As part of our robotization activities, we offer:

  • designing and constructing complete robotized stations with KAWASAKI robots appliedI,
  • designing and constructing specialised grabs and manipulators,
  • programming robots and peripheral devices,
  • testing applications at our plant, especially in the initial phase of working out a concept of the design.

  Our speciality is robotized stations for palletization/depalletization, packing and production line operation.

  Good points of applying robots in palletization, packing and production line operation:

  • repeatability increasing the quality of packed or palletized elements,
  • precise collecting and putting away of elements,
  • increased productivity,
  • decreased costs,
  • elimination of threats to the personnel’s health,
  • increased safety and in the case of food production – lack of a direct contact of man with the food produced,
  • space savings.

One of many applications tested in our company:

KAWASAKI robots – information brochure