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  A manipulator is a notion related to robotics. It denotes a “mechanical arm” fulfilling the function of human arms. Manipulators are employed wherever human work is very arduous, monotonous, dangerous or unremunerative. An advantage of manipulators, as well as of robots in general, is a significant repeatability of activities performed, high precision, high rate of operation and a wide range of applications. Also a competitive price, as compared with labour costs, is an argument in favour of those solutions.

They should be applied wherever:

  • there is a threat to human health or life,
  • human work is too expensive,
  • significant repeatability and precision of activities performed are required,
  • high productivity is needed.

Manipulator packing jars into cartons:

Application of manipulators in the packing process is presented below:

  • packing jars in a carton,
  • feeding jars to a packing machine,
  • packing jars on trays,
  • complete line for packing cups with two different manipulators.

Film with a cup pile feeder:

Film on the manipulator operation:

Photos of manipulators placing automatically products on trays:
75  7677  78

Film on the machine operation:



  • “Cherries in Chocolate”,
  • crushed walnuts,
  • hazelnuts,
  • almonds,
  • dried plums,
  • raisins, etc.

After several months of work on the product, the Mikroster company provided the customer with a tested, functioning machine.

We also offer machines for feeding other additions than cherries as base on the above device.

Principle of operation

  The machine has been devised for working on chocolate producing lines. The manipulator brought to a conveyor line with trays collects the product and places it on the trays simultaneously through all holes in the forms with efficiency of up to 95%, depending on the product condition.

The machine is operated by a person who finally checks the correctness of loading cherries on forms and possibly fill in the gaps.In case of the cherry packing machine, we have:

  • first drainage and feeding the product to a chamberry,
  • further drainage and feeding the cherry unit according to one of numerous programme versions adjusted to the product,
  • a recovery of alcohol to drainage containers and division of the machine into a wet part and a dry one,
  • a separator has been applied for protecting the pump and valves against solid and liquid particles,
  • a separate regulated pneumatic circuit has been introduced for discharge of elements and protection against splashing caused by a too high blast pressure (it is a matter of good chocolate junctions),
  • a system has been introduced for semi-automatic cleaning of the vacuum section with the use of a vacuum pump,
  • the machine can discharge waste directly to the sewerage system,
  • feeding cherries from a two-step platform, or by means of an additional drainage bucket conveyor from the floor level.

Machine output: up to 20 cycles with two forms simultaneously up to 1400 cherries per minute with the use of a form containing 35 chocolates. The machine is made in a fully rust-proof design. Our machines are customised according to the requirements.

Manipulator for changing the cups arrangement from a column into a row:


The manipulator arm has been programmed for measuring uneven distances between bottles, which was previously the greatest problem. Instead of applying another manipulator for placing bottles evenly, we have devised an algorithm. Due to this mathematical algorithm, the arm is released in the most suitable moment, arranging bottles perfectly in a row, despite the fact that they are irregularly placed on the line as shown in the film. Prior to applying this specific algorithm, there were enormous losses from fallen down and destroyed bottles