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  Palletizing machines are used in the final stage of the packing process for precise and automatic placement of all types of loads on individual pallets, including the EUR type (1200×800, 1200×1000, 1200×1200).

Palletizer operated in a battery producing company

  Palletizers are highly specialised devices. Engineering solutions applied strictly depend on the production process and the product itself.

  We offer gantry (frame) type palletizers based on a set of three connected line drives (X-Y-Z), as well as palletizers using industrial robots. Both solutions ensure high precision of placing goods on a pallet and high flexibility of the layer arrangement. The solutions applied by us allow for different types and sizes of packagings and pallets as well as for different production outputs. The packages can have a form of cartons, multi-packs, crates, etc

Applications in packing (palletizing) of:

  • thermally formed packagings, blister packs,
  • crates,
  • large and small cartons and omnibus boxes
  • large and small cartons and individual boxes.

  Depalletizing machines are used wherever semi-finished products used in the production process are delivered on palettes. Depalletizing stations work in tandem with the production line and ensure automatic unloading of materials in the production cycle which was usually carried out by people.

 Sheet metal depalletizer

Jar depalletizer: