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Photoaligning devices made by us are an additional element of the packing machine control system. They fulfil the function of correcting feeding and cutting the packaging material, depending on the pattern on the packaging. Thereby, it is possible to obtain a better graphical form of the packaging as adjusted to the product shape and, more important still, to place one and only one bar code in the same place of the product packed.

For many years, our company has been fitting the following machines with photoalignment systems:

  • butter and Fromage blue cheese packing machines (in Poland, in most of dairies, these are Polish XPG-40 machines),
  • machines packing sugar, flour or potato flour into one-kilogram packagings (German HESSER machines and similar),
  • ice-cream packing machines (Italian ARIETTA machines),
  • packaging making machines  (TRIUMPH),
  • atypical machines (e.g. Mini Latini lollipop packing machines).

Definitely, the greatest number of our photoalignment devices are operated in dairies, on XPG-40 type machines. An electronic control system based on a microprocessor has been constructed completely by our company. Similar electronic systems are operated on TRIUMPH and ARIETTA machines. However, our greatest achievement in this field is the development of a photoaligning system for the HESSER machine. It makes use of a servomotor controlled by means of a PLC controller. The servomotor drives a paper feeding roller and rotates synchronously in relation to the machine,whereas the controller algorithm sets a percentage value of the speed offset. As a result, paper is cut always in the same place of the graphic pattern. The allowable error of such alignment is +/- 0.5mm in relation to the single packaging length, which in fact is a completely unnoticeable deviation.

Controller of the photoalignment system of the XPG-40 machine manufactured by Unipak (Spomasz)

  A customer who wishes to equip its machine with a “photo” system is provided by us with requirements specification as regards the new packing material to make sure that it complies with technical specifications of our machines. The assembly is carried out directly on the machine at the customer’s site. The assembled and adjusted machine is ready for work.