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  We offer comprehensive major repairs of industrial machines all types and brands. You can relay on our experience and knowledge on machine construction and control; we have superbly equipped workshop and a network of proven subcontractors. Our repair services include:

  • sandblasting,
  • cleaning acid resistant steel surfaces with a stream cleaner (Schlick) (schlick),
  • chromium plating and other electroplated coatings,
  • replacing mechanical elements (gears, bearings, belts),
  • powder coating (in any RAL colour),
  • replacing pneumatic systems,
  • making new structural subassemblies,
  • repairing or replacing completely control systems,
  • updating documentation.

Below are repairs and refurbishments of machines performed by the company:

  • refurbishment of an ASG3D vertical packing machine,
  • repair and refurbishment of an OSTMA carton packing line,
  • repair of an OLIBAG carton packing line,
  • refurbishment of a Hesser palletizer,
  • refurbishment of a Laudenberg machine.

Film on repair of the OSTMA machine:

Below – OLIBAG 210 machine after a complete repair an refurbishment.

Folder Olibag

At the beginning of its activity, the company produced in the first place microprocessor control systems for the packing machines manufactured by the Gniezno Spomasz, later Unipak. Our operator panels can be found in tens of Polish foodstuff companies. They are modern and highly reliable. The machines that were produced much earlier have very simple and unreliable control systems. On the base of our experience, we are repair and refurbish old packing machines, in the first place those manufactured by Spomasz Gniezno. Most frequently, these are vertical machines, types XAG-32, ASG-1, ASG-3D, batchers 04AP1, as well as similar machines of West European manufacturers, e.g. Rovema or Optima. Apart from a comprehensive mechanical repair, we offer a new control system with a comfortable, proven operator panel.

New control system

ASG-1 automaton after a repair and refurbishment


Infrared radiators for heating forms.

The machine consists of a lower part and an upper one. The lower part includes the construction of a chain transporter connecting two existing chain conveyors. The upper part is fitted with infrared radiators used for heating forms transported by means of the chain conveyor. When passing through the machine, the form must reach the set temperature before the next operation, i.e. filling with chocolate. The temperature is controlled by the pyrometer mounted at the machine output. The machine to be reached by the form is set by the machine operator. The heating element consists of infrared radiators. They are mounted in the manner enabling their turning by an angle of 130 degrees. The turning is extremely important during the line stoppage as it prevents the plastic forms from melting. The heating elements are turned by a pneumatic actuator and a toothed bar.

The machine has been installed in place of a heating cabinet that occupied a significant area in the production house and needed much more energy for heating a larger area. Our machine consumes less energy since the heated area is much smaller.

To assembly the machine, we had to interfere significantly into the existing production line. Our system had to be integrated with the two existing chain conveyors and the chain drive had to be appropriately synchronised.

Film on our machine operation:

Loaves of bread are aligned in a bakery by means of a servomotor and with the use of a special mathematical algorithm. The algorithm allows to determine geometric centres of dough pieces of different length and as a result, the loaves perfectly find their way to forms, which guarantees a high repeatability and the same shape of the bread baked