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  By “transport systems”, we mean different types of transporters, elevators, conveyors, stores, lifts and other elements connecting production lines. For many years, we have constructed different systems: from light conveyors through heavy ones for transporting heavy Euro-pallets. We have a vast experience in the field. The company makes use of services of proven and renowned suppliers of transmission belts (of different materials), drives, and – more and more frequently – hydraulic lifts. We willingly apply in our constructions elements of BOSCH aluminium profiles and accessories. This way, we are able to erect quickly any conveyor.

We offer::

  • transband conveyors (level, raising, descending, arched conveyors),
  • roller conveyors, both driven and non-driven ones,
  • belt conveyors,
  • separating and joining elements,
  • load storing and separating units,
  • pospecialised feeders.

Example of a transport system in a household chemistry factory as made of completely of the BOSCH company’s elements

Conveying and control system in a tea packing process

Specialised cooling conveyor with an AC unit for hot products

Below are examples of transport systems provided by the company:

  • chocolate handling system,
  • system for collecting product from a flowpack.