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  In many companies, data on parameters related to a course of production processes frequently have to be collected in a computer database. A rapid development of PLC controllers and an increase in their capabilities make construction of such systems simpler so the systems are more popular.

  We have offered a regular customer of us a data visualisation and acquisition system based on PLC controllers of the B&R company. The design input for the system was a control of tens of identical cutting-out machines and keeping reports on the course of the production process. The machines work in a 3-shift system and are operated by three different persons in 24 hours. To start working, an operator logs on with a unique personal identification number. Worktime, the volume of the product made, down-time as well as the operator’s name are conveyed to master controller registers. Once a day, the data are conveyed to a database on the company server for further processing. It is possible to review current operation parameters at the website at any time and from any place. Historical reports can be reviewed as MS Excel spreadsheets. The system makes use of potentials of the Controller Area Network (CAN) at the level of controllers and standard Ethernet for sending data from the master controller to the computer network.

Visualisation screen in the MS Internet Explorer browser

Interpretation of production reports based on Excel spreadsheets

 There is an unlimited potential for constructing similar systems. Our solutions differ from quality SCADA systems since we have an opportunity to adjust exactly to to the customer’s needs and can make a system addressed for a particular production plant.