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  Industrial processes frequently require weighing materials. In the industry which is our domain, i.e. food industry, weighing systems are used in every plant. In most of cases, these are typical weighers supplied by specialised companies (ISHIDA, OPTIMA). We offer our own solutions wherever the requirements are not typical and no ready, series production equipment is available; this is true not only for the food industry. Our systems are based on subassemblies of the AXIS company. We can construct exactly such a weigher as the customer needs. We have constructed a system for weighing grass seeds in the packing process and a continuous batch weigher for large packagings.

Automatic system for weighing grass seeds


Continuous batch weigher


Electronic weigher for a vertical packing machine:



Bucket weigher – weighing products with an electronic weigher:

Basing on this solution, the company can design on the customer’s individual request diversified machines with specific requirements and various capacity. It is possible to make a combination weigher.